About me

Welcome to my page!

I am an artist with background in startups. Today I am creating art as well as helping companies to be more creative (and by that more successful) in their businesses..

As you can see from my work, I love colors! At least for now, you won't find many pastel tones or black and white here. Who knows, maybe that time will come :)

I love retro-style posters, vintage design, and beautiful furniture. By the way, I started painting furniture. I looked for cool used furniture and used very bright colors. See the illustrative picture below ;)

From painting furniture, I moved on to canvas and acrylics, and from there to the iPad and digital art. Today I do a little bit of everything and experiment with different things, which makes this work especially fun.

Feel free to contact me for custom orders.  
And check out my posters and paintings

Here are the pink and yellow and bright blue. Don't you just love these colours?