As a poster artist, I have always been open to using new technologies to enhance my creative process. One technology that has caught my attention recently is Artificial Intelligence or AI. Some people have argued that using AI to create art is equivalent to letting the machine do the job, but I beg to differ. In this blog post, I would like to share my personal experience of using AI to create art and how it has helped me to increase my creativity.

Firstly, it is important to note that AI does not create art for you. Instead, it helps you to create sketches according to your input. This input should be in the precise form of prompt- colors, style, and ideas that you want to incorporate into your artwork. Prompt Engineering is new skill that every artist using AI should definitely invest time learning. This means that as an artist, you remain in control of the creative process while AI assists you in generating visual ideas that you can work with.

The process of creating prompts involves understanding the algorithms used by AI and knowing how to train the machine to generate the kind of visual output you desire. This is why it is crucial to have a good understanding of the technology and invest time in learning how to use it to create art.

In my opinion, it is also important to note that AI does not take work away from artists. Instead, it is a fun colleague and assistant with whom you can play and increase your creativity. AI generates visual ideas that you can work with and modify to create unique art pieces that reflect your personal style and creativity. The final product is not just the result of AI's input, but it is also a reflection of the artist's creative decisions and style.

The uniqueness of the art pieces created with AI comes from the artist using AI. It is the artist who decides which input to use and how to modify the output generated by the machine. This means that each artwork created using AI is unique and reflects the artist's personal style and creativity. In my work, I repaint and change the sketches created by AI and always add personal touches with my digital brushes and paints. 

In conclusion, using AI to create art is not a threat to artists, but rather an opportunity to enhance creativity. By using AI as a tool, artists can generate new visual ideas and explore new styles that they might not have considered before. The input is crucial when using AI, and it takes time to learn how to create prompts for art purposes. Ultimately, the final product is a result of the artist's creative decisions and style, making each artwork created using AI unique and reflective of the artist's personal creativity.

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