Having a background in entrepreneurship and also being involved in supporting people's development within companies, I am well aware of how crucial a skill creativity is. Yes, a skill! Creativity can be learned and practiced. Creativity is the ability to solve problems/challenges in new ways.

A study conducted by IBM among 1500 company CEOs revealed that creativity is, based on their experience, the most important factor for company success, and a study by Adobe showed that companies investing in employees' creativity training have 78% higher productivity, 83% more innovation, and 73% better financial results. And most importantly, 76% happier employees!

Training "Creativity as a Supporter in Everyday Work (Life)"

Goal: To understand how creativity works, what hinders the use of creativity, how to overcome these obstacles, and how it makes you more successful in your everyday work. Plus, tools for your daily work.

Questions for which we seek answers with the participants:

  • What is creativity and why should one develop it? 
  • How does creativity work in our brain? Neural networks and their fascinating rules. 
  • Divergent and convergent thinking. Why these two cannot be used together and how to apply the principles of design thinking? 
  • Parts of the creative process. How does a flash of inspiration occur and where do world-changing ideas come from? 
  • How to guide the brain to think creatively and seek solutions? 
  • What hinders this process and how to remove these obstacles?

    We will engage in many exciting exercises and enjoyable group work :)